The Truth About “Agvocating”

44f9172d1c2a1a2acfc895e2730594e6Four generations, two percent and fifty-eight. These are all numbers that apply to the agriculture industry. How so?

Four Generations: Most people are four generations removed from the family farm. This means they are not involved in the day to day operations of raising or growing food.

Two percent: Only two percent of Americans are farmers. This means that 98% use a farmer every day, but they probably do not know one. This combined with the average person being four generations removed from the farm raises issues where people could have unanswered questions about their food. But they don’t know how to get their questions answered because they do not know a farmer.

Fifty-eight: This is the average age of most farmers in the United States. While that is not old by any means, they are not the people most commonly sharing what they’re doing on social media.
These numbers are just a few of the reasons we should advocate for agriculture. Now what is advocating for agriculture? Well it might be easier to explain what it is not.

Agvocating is Not:

It is not bashing organic, conventional or even vegetarianism. It is not telling people they are stupid because they do not understand or agree with you. It is not just blindly sharing articles and statuses without reading or responding. It is not you marketing your farm, ranch or brand.

Agvocating Is:

Being open with your friends and followers about what is happening on your farm. Being willing and ready to answer questions about hot topic
issues (like subway’s antibiotic free statement). Being aware of what is being said about the industry and explaining why you do what you do. Untitled copy

How to Advocate for Agriculture:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures better illustrate the truth of what is happening on your farm. A picture inside your hog barn, showing the cleanliness. A video of you moving cattle to show that it’s done humanely. Share a status about why antibiotics are used on your farm. Allow people to get involved in your everyday practices. I’ve seen farms ask people to name calves through social media, people love that because they feel important and valued in the process. Invite people to your farm, be willing to be transparent and honest.

“If you care about ag being accurately represented, know that we need every voice in the conversation.”

The most important part of advocating is like Nike says, to just do it. There are lots of anti-agriculture groups out there that are bashing agriculture. We need to start standing up for ourselves.

The next most important part of advocating is to not bash other farmers or non-farmers, we have plenty of others doing that for us. People are curious about where their food is coming from, be willing to intelligently, honestly and transparently answer their questions. Join the conversation and share the truth about the agriculture industry.


6 thoughts on “The Truth About “Agvocating”

  1. Why would you tag this animal rights? Animals have the right not to be exploited for human pleasures. I love our farmers, but only the ones who do not exploit other beings. I love our farmers who grow us grains, fruits, and veggies… instead of taking always sentient beings’ rights. Thinking your post has anything to do with animal rights is misguided.

    • Animals are not exploited by farmers. Animals are well cared for and live perfectly healthy and comfortable lives. Have you been to a farm and seen first-hand animals being exploited? The reason I tagged this post animal rights was for his exact reason. To use it to educate people about the truth about ag.

      • Exploitation = unfairly using to our advantage. We treat animals as machines for our selfish pleasures. We DO NOT need to use animal products. It is exploitation.

      • Animal products are more necessary than you would believe. You obviously have the meat products but you also have the by-products. Make-up, marshmallows, car tires and vitamins are all made from animal by-products. I believe it is not exploitation if the animals are treated humanely. But that is your decision to believe that. I just want you to realize that we do need animal products.

      • I use faux-meat products, vegan marshmallows, vegan makeup, vegan vitamins… and if the by-products weren’t readily available, producers would come up with tire alternatives in a quick second (and I’m going to assume here they already have, but I don’t have a car so I wouldn’t know).
        It’s insane how much we use other sentient beings. And it’s so wrong. We do not need animal products, and thankfully society is starting to realize that… there are so many vegan companies that were started within the last couple years alone (Hampton Creek with Just Mayo… heard of that one? Follow Your Heart vegan eggs? everything can be veganized).
        It is not humane to use anyone just for our pleasures. Every species on this earth exists for its own reason, and here in 2015 those reasons do not include to exists for humans to take advantage of them.
        Open your mind and actually care about animals for real, and leave them alone and let them be free instead of bringing them into this world just to please humans. If you really cared about the rights of others, you’d go vegan. Period.

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